• Artist Statement
    Artist Statement
    As a child, I often tried to make sense of the random patterns in the everyday objects around me. The spackled ceiling above my bed presented a multitude of human forms while the bathroom tiles offered an endless menagerie of animal-like creatures. Over time, I realized that the abstract patterns seemed to change depending on when I looked at them. It was as though they corresponded to my current mood and life experiences. This allowed me to see a multitude of images within the same pattern throughout my childhood. What I liked most about this phenomenon was that it allowed me, as an observer, to use the patterns as a point of departure for my own creativity and reflection. I use this same principle in my work as an artist by expressing my ideas without creating a predictable image. My aim is to leave room for the observers’ own interpretations and allow the imagery in my paintings to unfold over time. A few years ago, I grew tired of painting on rectangular surfaces and set out to combine sculpture with painting. However, I decided to challenge myself by only using traditional materials. My goal was to push the limits of linen and wood in order to discover new forms. My exploration of these materials resulted in my three-dimensional paintings which, because of their unique shape, can be viewed from different vantage points like sculpture. I feel that my paintings are complete only after they are hung in a room as the shadows are an essential part of the final pieces. It is my hope that my paintings become a part of the room in which they hang and don’t merely serve as decoration.
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